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Meet Lydiah

Inclusive leadership is not just an obligation. It’s an obligation that requires humility, curiosity, courage, and empathy.”

Lydiah Igweh

Lydiah Igweh is the founder and host of the Race Forward Pod.

She is Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Kaplan Pathways, a Higher Education division of Kaplan International. 


She has worked in both the public and private sectors with over 17 years of C-level Business Development and Strategic Marketing experience. Igweh specialises in DE&I, Innovation and Organisational Change. 


She’s committed to championing women in business and advancing race equality. 

She was recognised as an inspiring and inclusive leader in the Higher Education sector by Universities UK in March 2021 to celebrate International Women's Day.


Lydiah is a pro-active diversity and inclusion leader who believes in creating relationships rooted in equality, circularity, reciprocity, whole-self authenticity, and partnership. 

In her spare time, Lydiah volunteers as a member of Advance HE’s EDI Strategic Advisory Group, and a member of the Leadership Steering Group for Race Equality Matters UK, committed to driving the diversity and inclusion agenda, particularly with Race Equality in the Workplace. 

As a champion for Race Equality, Lydiah regularly features in national and international media. She featured on Bloomberg Global Radio, where she discussed the importance of supporting Black-owned businesses. 

She is an avid content creator with a passion for shining a light on underrepresented communities through storytelling.


She is the EDI Columnist for High Profile Magazine, an international business and branding magazine where she writes about advancing Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace.

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