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Welcome to the Race Forward Pod

Tune in to the Race Forward Pod with your host, Lydiah Igweh, to be inspired by the world’s most respected D&I leaders, practitioners, and advocates to inform better decision-making and help you create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

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An inclusive leader's voice is the outcry of those silenced and unheard.

Lydiah Igweh, Race Forward Pod Founder and Host

Featured Guests


“When you're bringing people with you and organisational change, it is head, hand and heart. You have to understand it intellectually. You have to be able to demonstrate that it will work, but you also have to believe in it.” 

Deborah Richards

Former Head of Diversity & Inclusion at IBM UK & Ireland

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“When you think about all that energy that people are putting into just fitting into an environment where they don’t feel included, that is energy and effort that your business is not getting. So, it is incredibly important that people feel included.”

Kei-Retta Farrel

Head of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging at CLIC Sargent


“The roadmap to inclusion and diversity is about progress. It's about moving forward. It's about changing and making change one conversation at a time.”

Bhavik Pancholi

Diversity and Inclusion Senior Manager at Mundipharma


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